Stream Giveaway Wheel

How to earn tickets: Type !help in stream chat. Tickets for the nightly wheel are only valid up until the next nightly wheel spin, so in general tickets are reset around midnight and any tickets earned after that are valid for the next wheel on the following stream.

Can I have more than 1 entry on the weekly stream wheel?: Yes. If a spin of a nightly stream wheel lands on your name, you get an additional seat on the weekly stream wheel.

Nightly Stream Wheel
Drawn Every stream on the closest intermission to 11:59PM

Earn chances on this wheel by typing in keywords into chat when I drop multi frags or certain type of frags. For example when I strike a killing blow to the head with any pistol type !phs. Other commands are !4k (4 kills) !ace (5 kills), !3k (3 kills) or !2hs (for 2 kills each with a head shot).

Subs earn double drop chances and extra time to fire commands into chat.

I will also draw additional names from this wheel from time to time eg. Sub events etc.

Weekly Stream Wheel - Current Steam Card A$60
Drawn Every stream on the closest intermission to 11:59PM

Each winner off the nightly wheel is rewarded a spot on this weekly wheel. Subscribers also get a bonus 2 chances when they subscribe and any gifted subscribers get a bonus 1 chance.

Any chances added by a subscriber event remain on the weekly wheel for that entire month, every other entry on the weekly wheel is reset after a winner claims their prize.

If prize is unclaimed by the end of the next stream the amount jackpots for the next weeks wheel.

There are 842 total giveaway drops on tonight's stream for; 

    [sprigganz] => 74
    [igotchusukaa] => 9
    [deafpride1] => 358
    [fraimed] => 150
    [nemithedragon] => 128
    [kikzty] => 33
    [kronyk_nd] => 53
    [underratedllc] => 34
    [maschalismos666] => 3

There are 96 chances on the weekly wheel they are; 

    [sprigganz] => 7
    [fraimed] => 20
    [frego92] => 4
    [igotchusukaa] => 2
    [kikzty] => 11
    [kronyk_nd] => 7
    [kt_sa] => 2
    [ruhshem] => 2
    [superiorop0] => 2
    [waxer0] => 3
    [xg1y] => 2
    [dsgarcia3] => 2
    [dfjosh] => 1
    [homicidal_turkey] => 3
    [deafpride1] => 21
    [hypnoo017] => 1
    [cm97] => 1
    [alvind] => 2
    [underratedllc] => 2
    [flexjordan] => 1